What We Do??

Why USE Bush Dreams World Flavors?

  As a seasoning company, we believe that if you put conventional into a blend or sauce, you generally get conventional out. We design our blends from Native Australian herbs, seeds and peppers so we put unconventional in…and we get unconventional out. Our blends, designed with minimal fillers, are packed in jars THE DAY they are shipped, making them the freshest in the industry; they NEVER sit  on shelves for months waiting to be shipped.

    Our blends are gluten and MSG free. When we design a blend, we do not make it for one specific application. Rather, we have many different protein, starch and vegetable applications for each blend. All blends can create amazing sauces, as you know that every sauce is only as good as the seasonings in them. They are used by all types of restaurants, breakfast, lunch, wing and rib houses, family diners, universities and white table cloth.

    Ultimately, what we try to do is to aid restaurants in creating signature flavors on their menu without a great deal of labor and energy. We like to say “mix flavor, don’t make it”. The other important aspect of Bush Dreams is that we will NEVER be available in any grocery store. Food service cliets are our Flavor partners, not the general public.  What we take very seriously is summed up in one statement.

Bush Dreams will create the “Flavor Bond” between you and your customers….to keep them coming back and will increase your sales because of it…..

   The best way to start off is to purchase the  Mini Variety Kit with recipes.  We encourage each customer to use ½ of each jar on all of their proteins, and to use the other ½ to enhance each of their sauces. This way you will have a good understanding how we can improve their flavor, without necessarily changing your menu.
       Thank You for your Support in trying to make your food taste sensational.   

 Better Flavor=Better Sales                     

Bush Dreams Story


Bush Dreams really started as a casual fine dining bistro in the Village of Brooklin Ontario. We had started importing Native spices and herbs into Canada from Australia. Our clients were our sounding board..so....if they like a rub we tried out..we would get nutritionals and take them to Market. Sometimes luck is on your side..In 2004 we got a call from chefs at a major theme park in Orlando requesting our blends. We need a certified supplier to sell them thru. Sysco ponied up and that was our foray into the food service world. we still deal with that theme park today.

   At Bush Dreams, we believe if you put conventional in..you get conventional out. So we put the un-conventional into our rubs. They are packed the day you order them, not sitting in the distribution channel of life. They are also designed to do multiple things in your kitchen.They are MSG and Gluten free as well. All types of restaurants use them.

    When I owned my bistro, many food service sales people would give us samples of new products and then suddenly we would see them at the grocery store level. There was no true loyalty to the food service operators. We do not and will not sell our products to any grocery stores or delis. What we do for our clients is reduce the time, energy and labor in creating fantastic flavor on their menus. We call it creating the "Flavor Bond" to the customer. If we can create this Bond, we not only save you money...we have created a fan of your restaurant...Hopefully a fan that will tell others. A torchbearer.

     What we are is your Partner in Flavor. Loyal and forever trying to create flavor profiles and ideas that will simply do one thing. Put more people in your seats...because your food taste out of this world. Try a variety kit with recipes today...We guarantee you will love it...or your money back..

                    Sincerely, John Byberg 9052397762